Point of view

I work from structures towards the organic form, in search for movement, observing the transformations of the light, in order to materialize form and a sense of freedom.

The (abstract) structures I create are always connected to organic, recycled or neglected material. This is where the fascination begins. Architecture and photography are important resources in this process. I also work with performances and videos in addition to painting and objects.


The objects are tactical and physically present. Images and photos transferred and painted on old pieces of wood, or framed by it, which gives the images an obvious sculptural character. The image is taken out of something originally 2- dimensional – a picture – and given a 3-dimensional presence. The old wood also adds to the object, it is not just there for the sake of framing, as a canvas or to make the object stand – the wood itself carries an inherent and unknown history.


Most of the paintings and objects are for sale. Sometimes I work on request. Please, contact me if you want more information.